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  • Corporate news3 March 2017

    Join us as a Agent

    Join us as a Agent Ningguo Kaiyuan Electric Power Wear Resistant Materials Co.,Ltd is the second largest manufacturer of cast grinding balls in China. The “GUOYANG” brand of high chrome cast ba...

  • Corporate news12 December 2016

    Medium-term prospects for key commodities

    Copper In 2016 copper should trade at around US$5,300/t. Demand will start to match supply as a string of production cuts start to filter through the supply chain. Global copper metal consumption is p...

  • Corporate news11 November 2016

    Causes of 2016 Aluminum Price Rise and Its Prospect

    From the view of aluminum supply and inventory level, the domestic aluminum ingot maintain a low level of inventory which affected by the supply side reform. In early August, the inventory reached a r...

  • Corporate news9 September 2016

    China Cement Association asks to speed up sector consolidation

    The China Cement Association has asked the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to speed up the consolidation process in the local cement industry. According to documents seen by the South ...

  • Corporate news5 May 2016

    New aluminum crust breaker of KAIYUAN went into mass production stage

    Recently, a new aluminum crust breaker which jointly developed by KAIYUAN, Chinese Academy of Sciences and well-known domestic universities went into mass production stage. The new aluminum ...

  • Corporate news4 April 2016

    Ways to affecting the life of liner of ball mill

    To extend the service life of liners of ball mill, we should know which factors influence them.  First. Grinding media material The hardness of the grinding media is the main bas...

  • Corporate news4 April 2016

    Differences between ball grinding mill and raymond grinding mill

    Ball mill and raymond mill are commonly used milling equipment in mining industry, both the two mills have many similarities, but also there are some obvious differences in the following aspect...

  • Corporate news3 March 2016

    What are good ways to reduce energy consumption for cement ball mill

    In cement mill production, ball mill grinding power consumption is an important criterion to judge the level of the merits of the grinding system. Currently, the grinding technology is to completely...

  • Corporate news2 February 2016

    KAIYUAN steel ball held 2015 annual summary and awards ceremony meeting

    On January 30th, KAIYUAN steel ball 2015 annual summary and awards ceremony meeting was held at HELI office Convention Center, more&n...

  • Corporate news1 January 2016

    Contrast high chrome ball with forged ball/rolling ball

    The commonly used grinding balls in ball mill are high chrome ball and forged ball/rolling ball. Both of them are apply to different work condition due to their characteristic. Usually,...

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